Grade 6 Papers 2023 of school-based assessment papers 2023-24 including First term, mid term and final term with all versions A to J. Download all subjects English, Urdu, General Science, Mathematics, Computer, Islamiat, Social Studies, Nazra Tarjamat-ul-Quran in pdf format with answer keys.

Students can download the Grade 6 Papers of SBA for Grade 6 for the PEC examination in 2023. Each subject has two versions of the papers. Paper A is an objective type that contains MCQs.

While the paper B is of the subjective type where students may be asked to read a passage and answer comprehension questions or to write an essay on a given topic. In math, they may be asked to solve equations or word problems.

Grade 6 Papers SBA 2023 First Term Download Pdf:

These assessment papers are for the public and private schools in all over the Punjab district of Pakistan. Same paper will be conducted in all Schools of education department. If some one wants the model papers visit here. These papers will give students an idea about the final examination papers.

Computer EducationDownloadKeys
Social StudiesDownloadKeys
Teaching Holy QuranDownloadKeys
6 class school based assessment papers 2023 Term 1

The pattern of Grade 6 SBA papers is same like SBA Papers of Grade 7. Similarly 8th class papers are also composed on a same pattern as provided by Punjab examination commission 2023.

Assessment NameSchool Based Assessment By PEC
ClassGrade 6
Exam TypeAnnual 2023 (First term, Mid Term, Final Term)
SubjectsEnglish, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Islamiat, Ethics, Computer Science, and Nazra Quran
Paper FormatPDF
SolutionAnswer Keys
Paper ProviderPunjab Examination Commission Pakistan
Class 6 SBA Examination 2023 Papers

6th Grade Papers 2023 SBA:

Here you can get all the papers with version A and B with solution for the upcoming papers of Punjab examination commission in 2023. Download Grade 6 Papers in pdf from the below table.

Grade 6 Papers 2023
Grade 6 Papers 2023 School Based Assessment

SBA 2023 Papers For 6th Class

The 1st column contain objective papers of all subjects with English & Urdu versions. 2nd column contain subjective part of a paper with Urdu & English medium. 3rd column contain answer keys for all papers.

School based assessment annual examination for class 6 is scheduled to start from September 2023 (First term) at 10:00 AM. So it’s time to revise the whole syllabus and prepare the PEC examination 2023 according to these papers provided below.

English Paper 2023 Download With Answer Keys:

Download Grade 6 Papers SBA of English including Objective A and Subjective B with solution. Students and teachers who are searching for the final exam papers can get these assessment papers from the below links. First read the following example questions which are composed from these papers to help the candidates in solving the assessment papers.

Which of the following is in ‘Passive Voice’?
(a) He reads good books.
(b) Fruits are eaten by her.
(c) Ali learns the new things.
(d) They are going to school.

You have mistakenly broken your sister’s favorite doll. How would you apologize to her?
(a) I am sorry, I will be careful next time.
(b) Your doll is more beautiful than mine.
(c) I like to play with new and pretty doll.
(d) My father had bought me this cute doll.

Question: Write a paragraph of ten sentences on ‘The Photographer’. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Paper AObjective MCQs Paper 2023
Part BPaper B Subjective
SolutionAnswer Keys
2023 SBA English Paper

Class 6 PEC Annual papers 2023 file contains all versions provided by the school education department. 6th class papers available versions are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Class Teachers can choose any version from A to H. So our recommendation for the students is to download all provided versions and read through all papers.

Computer Science Grade 6 Papers SBA 2023:

Here is a compete set of all papers for computer subject in pdf with keys. Part 1 of the paper is objective type and Part 2 is a subjective paper. Both papers have equal marks of 50, 50 total 100. These papers will be used in the annual examination of 2023 in all elementary and High schools of Punjab province Pakistan.

Few sample objective MCQs and subjective questions as a example to understand the assessment structure are given below.

Select a device that is used to type alphabets, numbers and
symbols in the computer.
(a) Mouse
(b) Scanner
(c) Keyboard
(d) Digital Camera

Identify the output operation from the following.
(a) Display data
(b) Manipulate data
(c) Enter data
(d) Store data

1 ) Briefly describe the Mouse.
2 ) Briefly describe the Function keys and Alphanumeric keys of a Keyboard.
3 ) Briefly describe the Mouse Actions.

MCQs PartSubjective PartKeys
Computer paper grade 6

Mathematics SBA Paper 2023 Grade 6:

Most difficult paper for the students in the annual board examinations is the Math. So don’t worry about this problem. We are uploading the final and original paper taken from the PEC Item bank 2023. Students can also download the keys for these test papers. Download grade 6 papers of assessment with A and B versions. Some sample questions from the class 6 assessment 2023 are given below.

A number is exactly divisible by 3, if:
(a) The digit at the units place is 3
(b) The digit at the units place is 0 or 5.
(c) The sum of its digits is exactly divisible by 3.
(d) The digit at the tens place is 3.

Write the following sets in tabular form.
X=The set of letters of the word “biology”.
Y=The set of natural numbers less than 6.

MCQs Paper ASubjective Part BKeys
Math Grade 6 Paper

Science Paper SBA 2023 Grade 6:

Science or General science paper for class 6 download with answer keys. Paper A is objective type with 50 marks and paper B is a theory based assessment. Look at some example questions collected from the grade 6 PEC paper 2023.

Question No.1 : Constipation is a common disorder of which system in

(a) Respiratory system
(b) digestive system
(c) Reproductive system
(d)circulatory system

Question No.2 : Rapid breathing, chest pain and loss of appetite are
symptoms of:

(a) influenza
(b) tuberculosis
(c) pneumonia
(d) common cold

Objective MCQsPart BKeys
Science Grade 6 SBA Paper

PEC Urdu Paper 2023 Grade 6:

Download class 6 Urdu paper with objective A part and Subjective B part along with answer keys for both versions A and B. There are 25 MCQs in objective part of the paper and 50 Questions in the subjective paper of Grade 6 Urdu. While the passing marks are 33% out of 100.

Objective MCQs
Subjective Part B
Urdu Class 6th Paper

Social Studies/SST Paper 2023 With Keys:

Social studies (SST) PEC SBA Paper 2023 in pdf with answer keys with all versions download from the below links. Look at some important example MCQs and short questions from the SST paper 2023.

Question No.1 : The smallest continent of the world is:
(a) Australia (b) Europe
(c) Africa ( d) Asia

Question No.2 : The northern hemisphere has more area of:
(a) land (b) oceans
(c) mountains (d) glaciers

Question No.3 : The movement of Earth on its axis is called rotation ,that causes:
(a) formation of day and night (b) change in weather
(c) increase in temperature (d) decrease in temperature

Objective MCQsSubjective PaperAns Keys
Social Studies Grade 6

Islamiat SBA Paper 2023:

Get fully solved Islamiat paper 2023 for the School Based Assessment 2023 in Punjab Pakistan. Read the some sample questions from the Islamiat paper.

a ) Explain the meaning of purity?
b ) In the light of Islamic principles, how can we take care of inner and outer purity?
c ) What steps should we take to keep our home clean? Write any three.
d ) Write any four effects of migration to Madina.
e ) What are the effects of Muwakhat-e-Madina on our practical life?
f ) Explain the introduction and importance of the educational institute of Suffah.

Objective MCQsPaper BKeys
Islamic Studies Paper 2023

6 Class PEC SBA 2023 Papers Version 2 With Keys:

Below table contains the papers of 6th class with version B. School teachers can select any version from the grade 6 item bank. So download all versions of the papers and prepare according to these patterns.

English AEnglish BAnswers
Urdu AUrdu BAnswers
Science AScience BAnswers
Mathematics AMath BKeys
Islamiat AIslamiat BKeys
Computer AComputer BKeys
6 Class SBA 2023 Version 2

Nazra Holy Quran Paper:

Teaching of Holy Quran Nazra Paper 2023 download in pdf with solution. Nazra paper has also 100 total marks and 33% minimum marks are required to pass the subject. Part A is objective type paper with multiple MCQs from the Quran Majeed syllabus of 6th class. Part B is oral type and teacher of the class will listen the Holy Quran.

Paper TypeDownload
Paper APDF
Paper BPDF
Teaching Quran Paper

Grade 6 Ethics SBA Paper 2023:

Download the PDF File of class 6 Ethics paper 2023 along with objective, subjective and answer keys. Only Non-Muslim candidates will attempt this paper of Ethics. While the other students i.e. Muslim candidates will attempt the Islamiat paper.

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics
Class 6 Ethics SBA 2023

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