7th class school based assessment papers 2023-24 with answer keys for all subjects: English, Urdu, Science/General Knowledge, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer, Islamiat, Ethics, Nazra Quran, and Tarjamat-ul-Quran.

Now the students can download all terms paper (First term, Mid Term and Final Term) which are scheduled to start from 18th September 2023.

Download the pdf papers for all subjects in pdf format, including subjective and objective papers in Urdu or English. PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) has issued an item bank of all final examination assessment papers for grade 7 for the 2023-24 annual exam. While the 8th class exam papers are already available here.

7th Class School Based Assessment First Term Papers 2023-24:

7th class paper 2023-24 for government, PEF and private schools in the Punjab will conduct these papers in the schools. Following subject papers are available to download in pf with answer keys. These papers are for First Term examination.

7th Class School Based Assessment Papers
Grade 7 School Based Assessment Papers 2023
  • Class 7 English
  • Grade 7 Quran
  • Computer with answers
  • Islamiat
  • Urdu Subject
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Ethics for Non-Muslims
Computer EducationPdfKeys
Teaching Holy QuranPdfKeys
Social Studies (SST)PdfKeys
Grade 7 SBA Papers First Term 2023

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7th Grade Test All Subjects Pdf:

English SBA Paper 2023:

Download the PEC item bank in pdf format for 2023 grade 7 English. The paper is divided into two parts. The first section consists of a 50-mark objective paper with 25 multiple-choice questions. The objective paper with solution is available in eight different versions. The subjective type is the second part of the English paper. It also has 50 marks with short and long questions.

To understand the paper pattern of English subject assessment read the following example questions.

What can be a good way of giving your own opinion in a
(a) I think it is the right decision.
(b) I can’t believe you will succeed.
(c) In short, nobody will attend the class.
(d) Our decision is to let it go

Choose the plural form of ‘Manservant’.
(a) Menservants
(b) Manservants
(c) Menservantes
(d) Manservantes

Your friend has performed very well in sports activities, how will you appreciate him?
(a) Your performance is average.
(b) Your performance is satisfactory.
(c) I congratulate you on your success.
(d) You need to do more hard work

English Paper AEnglish Paper BKeys
Grade 7 SBA 2023 Paper

Urdu Objective & Subjective Paper:

The Urdu assignment paper is a compulsory subject in this assessment. This paper also has 100 marks, covering the whole syllabus of the Punjab textbook of the single national curriculum 2023. Get a pdf file of all versions in objective and subjective form with answer keys.

Ursu SBA Paper ObjectiveSubjective Urdu SBA 2023Answers
Urdu School-Based-Assessment 2023

Grade 7 Science Subject:

The science subject paper is also composed from the PEC item bank system according to the Punjab textbook curriculum 2023. This paper will have 100 marks, with 50 marks for the objective part and 50 marks for the subjective part. Download the assessment practice test in Urdu or English according to your study medium.

Some questions are a little bit conceptual, like filling in the diagram names and identifying the objects, animal classifications, cell structures, and microorganisms. Read the example questions from the class 7th Science paper given below. These sample questions are the best idea to understand the pattern of an assessment of grade 7.

Constipation is a common disorder of which system in humans?
(a) Respiratory system
(b) Digestive system
(c) Reproductive system
d) Circulatory system

Which part of the embryo provides food to the growing plant?
(a) Seed
(b) Radicle
(c) Plumule
(d) Cotyledon

a ) Define the digestive system.
b ) How the process of digestion occurs in the mouth?
c ) Label the parts of the digestive system given in the image.

Science SBA 2023 ObjectiveSubjective Paper ScienceAns Keys
Science Grade 7 SBA

Mathematics Subject Assessment:

To understand the pattern and structure of Mathematics Assessment 2023 read the sample questions of objective and subjective part given below.

In descriptive form, the set of whole numbers is written as
(a) The set of whole numbers
(b) {0, 1, 2, 3, . . . . . . . . . }
(c) {1, 2, 3, . . . . . . . . . }

Identify the Monomial:
a) 2x − y + z − 4
b) 2xy
c) x-2y-5
d) 2x+y

a ) If 45 men can construct a building in 48 days then how many days will 40 men take to construct the same building?
b ) Umar bought a laptop for Rs. 80000 and paid a mark up of Rs. 20000 for 2 years. On which rate did he pay mark up?
c ) Pulse rate (per minute) of 25 persons were recorded as:
61, 75, 71, 72, 70, 65, 77, 72, 67, 83, 77, 62, 71, 74, 79, 67, 81, 77, 62, 71, 74, 61, 70, 84, 72.
Make a frequency table of 5 classes of an equal size.

Exam TypeSchool-Based Assessment
SyllabusPTB Whole Book
Paper ADownload
B PaperDownload
Answer KeysDownload
Grade 7 SBA 2023 Math

Computer Paper:

Class 7 computer science paper for the SBA Papers 2023 is prepared from all units in the computer book issued by PTB. The objective and subjective parts of the paper are from the chapters Hardware basics, Software basics, Customizing a Word document, Multimedia Presentations, and Electronic Mail. Download the pdf paper with solution from the link provided below.

Here are some examples which will give the idea of assessment paper type to students:

In MS Word, the default setting of Zoom Slider is:
(a) 50٪
(b) 100٪
(c) 150٪
(d) 200%

A user can play cricket and watch favorite music videos by using:
(a) Productivity
(b) Educational Software
(c) Entertainment Software
(d) Reference Software

a ) Enlist any four Peripheral devices that are attached to the computer
b ) Write any four uses of Robots.
c ) Write the steps to check the Processor speed and Memory size of a computer system.

Computer Grade 7 SBA Paper APaper B SBA ComputerKeys
SBA Computer 7th

Islamiat Subject

The Islamiat paper is divided into two parts. The first part will consist of a written test from the textbook, followed by an oral assessment from Nazra. Each part will have an equal score of 50. Part 1 will contain simple MCQs about the basic knowledge of Islam.

The second section will consist of reading the Ahadess and Surah with translation in accordance with the Tarjamat-ul-Quran syllabus 2023. Here are some sample questions from the school based assessment papers 2023 of grade 7. These examples are best to understand the assessment pattern.

In the light of Hadith, a brave is a person who:
(a) fights with disbelievers
(b) defeats others
(c) controls the anger
(d) Does not beat women

According to the Holy Qur’an, the night of Qadr is better than:
(a) a thousand days
(b) a thousand weeks
(c) a thousand months
(d) A thousand years

  1. Write the names of the Anbiyaa علیہم السྖupon whom four Holy books were revealed.
  2. Which thing did the Anbiyaa علیہم السྖpreach to people?
  3. What is the responsibility of a Muslim regarding Quran Majeed?
Islamiat SBA ObjectiveSBA 2023 Islamiat SubjectiveKeys
Islamiat SBA

Social Studies 7th Class School Based Assessment Papers 2023

Download the SBA paper 2023 of Social Studies for Class 7 in pdf format, which includes all versions of the paper. These papers are for practice purposes for the annual examination of PEC. Only use these papers for self-study so that you can get an idea of the pattern of the final exam paper. Get these papers from the below link.

Look at some examples to understand the 7th Class School Based Assessment Papers 2023 before you proceed to download the papers.

Question No.1 : Seven major moving parts of lithosphere are called:
(a) continent
(b) plates
(c) layers
(d) rocks

Question No.2 : Apart from the movement of plates in the interior of Earth,
the second most important cause of earthquake is:
(a) softening of soil
(b) volcanism
(c) remains of animals and plants
(d) internal temperature

1 ) Write a short note on the significance of Ozone Layer.
2 ) What is meant by variable gases? Briefly describe.
3 ) Explain the Isohyet.

SST Paper A SBA 2023Paper B SSTKeys
7 SBA Paper 2023

Nazra Holy Quran Paper 2023:

Teaching of Holy Quran 7th Class School Based Assessment Papers 2023 in pdf download with answer keys from the below table. Part A is objective paper with 25 Multiple choice questions. Part B is a subjective paper with short and long questions about the Holy Quran Majeed. These papers are compiled from the Punjab textbook curriculum 2023 according to the Single national curriculum of Pakistan.

Quran Objective PaperSubjective Quran PaperKeys
Teaching Quran SBA paper

7th Class School Based Assessment Papers Version 2

English Objective v2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Urdu A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Science A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Mathematics A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Computer A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Islamiat A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
Social Studies A V2Subjective V2 PaperAnswer Keys
7th Class School Based Assessment Papers 2023

Grade 7 Version 3 (C) All Subjects Papers 2023 With Keys:

Grade 7 School-Based-Assessment papers 2023 in pdf for version 3 with answer keys. All subject papers are combined in a one file.

Ethics Grade 7

7th Class School Based Assessment Papers 2023 paper of Ethics is only for the non-Muslim candidates. Only one version of the paper is provided by the Punjab examination commission for the assessment of 7th grade candidates. Ethics paper has also 100 marks which will be added to the report card.

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics
Ethics SBA 2023

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