School Based Assessment 2024 8th Class All Subjects

School-based assessment 2024 for 8th class download all subject papers in pdf with answer keys. Govt of Punjab school education department is going to start the Final term papers (Term 3) in all government and private schools in Punjab from the first week of March 2024. Get all versions of SBA papers for final term generated from PEC official website

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has issued an item bank that contains all papers for grade 8 including English, Computer, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Islamiat, Ethics, Nazra Quran, Home Economics, and Arabic.

You can download all papers of School-Based Assessment 2024 papers in pdf to start your preparation for the SBA papers’ 3rd term examination in 2024. We suggest you to download model papers first so that you can get idea about the assessment paper pattern 2024.

Second Term SBA Papers 2024:

school based assessment grade 8

Download Second term papers of grade 8 for all subjects in pdf with answer keys. Remember these papers are only for practice. Original papers may be different from these papers. Good luck!

EnglishPdf PaperAnswer Keys
UrduPdf PaperAnswer Keys
IslamiatPdf PaperAnswer Keys
Social StudyPdf PaperAnswer Keys
SciencePdf PaperAnswer Keys
Computer EducationPdf PaperAnswer Keys
Teaching Holy QuranPdf PaperAnswer Keys
MathematicsPdf PaperAnswer Keys
Final Term Papers of School-Based Assessment 2024

English PEC School-Based Assessment 2024:

Download the PEC SBA paper in pdf format for 2024 Grade 8 English. This paper is available in both English and Urdu. All versions of the paper are included in the pdf file with answer keys.

The English paper has a total of 100 marks: 50 marks of MCQs and 50 marks of subjective material, including lessons, essays, stories, applications, comprehension, and grammar. For grade 7 papers click here.

Look at some examples of questions from the grade 8 SBA Papers. These sample questions will help the students to understand the paper structure which will help them in attempting the paper better.

Question No.1 : Your friend is planning to leave the school forever. What will
you say to change his mind?
(a) Education never helped anyone.
(b) Education is dixicult to manage.
(c) Education will help you in the future.
(d) Education is not important for success.

Question No.2 : Which of the following is a pair of ‘Long Vowel’ sounds?
(a) Sit, Stand
(b) Bit, Bite
(c) Read, Rod
(d) Seed, Lead

Question No.3 : Choose the option that has a dixerent meaning in singular
and plural forms.
(a) Road, Roads
(b) Market, Markets
(c) Drama, Dramas
(d) Iron, Irons

Question No.4 : ‘This is the girl __ has won the speech competition.’
(a) whose
(b) whom
(c) which
(d) who

English Version A Papers For School-Based Assessment 2023:
Download Paper ADownload Paper BKeys
English SBA 2024
English Version B Papers:
Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 English Paper Version B
English Assessment C Paper:
MCQs Part APart BSolution
Class 8 English Paper Version 3

Version D Papers All Subjects With Solution:

Science School-Based Assessment 2024 Paper With Answer Keys:

Science/General science paper is most difficult paper for the students of class 8th. As there are many lessons with scientific research and definitions.

So the time is short and start studying these annual exam papers by downloading the all versions of papers from the below icon. Paper pattern is 50 marks of Multiple choice questions and 5 marks of extensive and short questions.

Here are some examples of Multiple choice questions for School-Based Assessment 2024 collected from the PEC Punjab curriculum textbook to understand the paper type.

Question No.1 : Which system is used to remove nitrogenous materials, extra
water and salts from body?
(a) Digestive system
(b) Excretory system
(c) Central nervous system
(d) Peripheral nervous system

Question No.2 : Which of the following is the characteristic of meiosis?
(a) Four daughter cells are formed
(b) Occurs in somatic cells
(c) Two daughter cells are formed
(d) Number of chromosomes remains same

Question No.3 : Metal alloys and ceramic materials used in rocket engines
can withstand
(a) low temperature
(b) Moderate temperature
(c) High pressure
(d) High temperature and pressure

Science Version A Papers For School-Based Assessment 2024:
Science Paper APaper BKeys
SCIENCE School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8
Science B Version Papers:
Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 English Paper Version B
Science Version C Paper:
MCQs Part APart BSolution
Class 8 Science Paper Version 3

Mathematics SBA Paper 2024 With Solution:

Grade 8 Mathematics School-Based Assessment 2023 final examination paper is bilingual so that all students, whether in English or Urdu, can easily understand the paper.

This paper contains general math problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, algebra, mean, median, and mode questions. Answer keys are also attached to the paper.

We recommend to read the following sample questions from the 8th class Mathematics paper from Punjab textbook curriculum Pakistan which will help you in understanding the structure and format of the PEC Assessment 2024.

Example : The number of subsets of the set {0} is
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Question No.1 : The set of integers is:
a) {1, 2, 3, . . . }
b) {0, 1, 2, . . . }
c) {0, ±1, ±2, . . . }
d) {0, −1, −2, . . . }

Question No.2 : The number of digits in the square root of 225 is:
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Question No.3: Taxable income of Imran is Rs. 312200. Calculate his annual income tax at the rate of 5.5%.

Math Version A Papers For School-Based Assessment 2024:
Objective Paper ASubjective BKeys
Grade 8 Math Paper 2024
Mathematics Version B Papers:
Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 Mathematics Paper Version B
Math Version C Paper:
MCQs Part APart BSolution
Class 8 Math Paper Version 3

Computer SBA Paper 2024:

Computer science assessment paper is from the basic concept of the Computer. There are 25 MCQs each MCQs carry 2 marks. While the remaining part of the paper has short and long questions. The paper is composed from the Punjab textbook according to the single national curriculum 2024 syllabus.

First, look at the example questions from the 8th class Computer science assessment paper which may help you to perform better on the examination day.

Question No.1 : Select the best example of Metropolitan Area Network from
the following.
(a) Bank branches in different countries
(b) Cable network in a city
(c) University Campus in different cities
(d) Telecommunication network in a country

Question No.2 : Which of the following action is NOT included in data
(a) Entering data
(b) Editing data
(c) Printing data
(d) Formatting data

a ) Write any two uses of Satellite communication.
b ) List any four devices which can be connected via Bluetooth now a days.
c ) Write down the correct names of Cutting Edge Technologies in the first column of given table.

Grade 8 Computer Version A Papers 2024:

Computer AComputer BAns Keys
Computer PEC Paper 2024

Computer Science Version B Papers:

Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 Computer Paper Version B

Computer Version C Paper:

MCQs Part APart BSolution
8th Class Computer Paper Version 3

Urdu Paper 2024 For School-Based Assessment:

Download Urdu paper for the preparation of the annual examination 2024 by Punjab examination commission. The paper is in pdf form and answer keys are also given with paper. All public and private schools will have the same paper.

Class 8 Urdu Paper Version A For School-Based Assessment 2024:

Class 8 Urdu Paper 2024 Version B:

Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 Urdu Paper Version B

Urdu Version C Paper:

MCQs Part APart BSolution
Grade 8 Urdu Paper Version 3

Islamiat Paper By PEC:

Islamiat paper is all about the History of Islam and important component in the religion of Islam. This paper is only for the Muslim students. While the Non-Muslim students will attempt the paper of Ethics.

Read the following sample MCQs from the 8th class Islamiat Assessment paper 2024 to under stand the paper pattern.

Example : How many Salah are obligatory for Muslims in a day?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Question No.1 : Destiny has been written on the Loh e Mahfooz:
(a) mukarram
(b) muallaq
(c) mubaram
(d) revealed

a ) What is meant by belief in the Hereafter?
b ) Write four impacts of belief in the Hereafter.
c ) What belief in the Hereafter teaches humanity? Explain

Islamiat Grade 8 Paper Version A For School-Based Assessment 2024:

Paper APaper BKeys
Islamiat Pec paper 2024

Islamiat Grade 8 Paper Version B:

Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 Islamiat Paper Version B

Islamiat Version C Paper With Keys:

MCQs Part APart BSolution
Class 8 Islamiat Paper Version 3

Social Study/General Knowledge:

This paper is about the History of Pakistan, Land, weathers, Population and traditional dresses and foods etc. You can download the paper with answer keys from the below link. See some sample questions to know about the assessment format and types of quizzes.

Question No.1 : Data is displayed in the form of circles in:
(a) line graph
(b) paper graph
(c) pie graph
(d) bar graph

Question No.2 : The most suitable method to show the total quantity or
production of anything is:
(a) Pie graph
(b) Bar graph
(c) Line graph
(d) Paper graph

a ) Write the causes of oceanic currents.
b ) Define tides and what is the main reason of tides formation?
c ) Describe the causes of water pollution in Pakistan.

SST Version A Paper 2024:

Social Study Paper ASST Paper BSST Keys
SCIENCE Pec Paper 2024 Grade 8 SBA

SST Version B Paper With Answer Keys:

Objective Version BSubjective Version BAnswer Keys
Grade 8 SST Paper Version B

Social Study Version C Paper:

MCQs Part APart BSolution
Social Study Paper Version 3

Note* All the papers above are for all the schools in the Punjab that are registered with the Punjab School Education Department of Pakistan. We are not a government organization and don’t have any affiliation with the government.

We simply provide educational content to students to help them prepare for exams. If you find any error in downloading link kindly leave a comment. Our team will update the links within a day.

Nazra Quran Majeed Paper 2024:

Subject NameTeaching of Holy Quran Nazra
Paper TypeObjective & Subjective
SyllabusPunjab Curriculum Textbook 2024
Total Marks100
Passing Marks33
ExaminationPEC (Punjab Examination Commission)
Exam AuthoritySchool Education Department of Punjab Pakistan
File FormatPDF
Nazra Quran Paper 2024 SBA Details
Nazra ANazra BKeys
Nazra Quran Paper 2024

Ethics SBA Paper 2024 Grade 8 For School-Based Assessment:

Download Grade 8 Ethics paper 2024 in pdf with subjective and objective part of the PEC paper along with solution. Ethics is a compulsory subject in 8th class for the non-Muslim students to learn ethical values.

  • Total Marks:48 for Part A
  • Part-A (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Total Time:1 Hour
  • Part-B (Open Ended Questions)
  • Part B Total Marks: 52

Look at some sample questions from the below list to understand the questions structure for the Ethics class 8.

  • Write five sentences about patient nursing.(5)
  • Write five sentences about respect for elders. (5)
  • State the disadvantages of violating the law. ( 5)
  • State the five rights of citizens according to the constitution of 1973. (5)
  • Write a note about Baisakhi’s festival in the light of Sikh teachings .(5)
Download Paper APaper BA KeysB Rubrics
Grade 8 Ethics Paper School-Based Assessment 2024

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