Punjab Boards Matric & Intermediate Exam Paper Pattern 2024

Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education has issued a paper pattern for the annual examinations of 2024. According to the new paper pattern issued by the PBCC there will be 25% qustions of analytical reasoning. All Punjab boards including Lahore, Multan, DG Khan, Rawlapindi, Bahawalpur, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sahiwal will prepare the examination papers according to the Bloom Taxonmy.

Bloom’s Taxonomy will be used by examiners to design the assessments that challenge students to think at different levels. For more information regarding study scheme 2024 read on this page. This policy will be implemented in the annual examination 2024. Check out the result schedule of BISE Lahore 12th Class 2023.

Punjab Boards New Exam Policy 2023 Key Points:

  • New paper pattern will include 25% analytical questions.
  • In the 2023 examinations, the marking of Matric (10th class) and Intermediate (11th and 12th) papers will be conducted according to the marking syndicate of the 2023 examinations.
  • However, in the 2024 examinations, a new rule will be implemented in which 25% of the questions will be analytical reasoning.
  • This scheme is being introduced to avoid the “ratta system” in Pakistan.

What is Bloom Taxonomy?

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a way to organize learning goals so that they range from simple to complex. It has 6 levels:

  • Knowledge: Remembering the facts & information.
  • Comprehension: Understanding the meaning of information.
  • Application: Use of information in new context.
  • Analysis: Breaking down information into small pieces.
  • Synthesis: Putting together different pieces of information to create something new.
  • Evaluation: Making decision about the importance of an information.

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