VIZ PRO Large Whiteboard: Features With A Full Review in 2024

The real way to know if a whiteboard is good is by looking at its writing surface. Luckily, the Viz-Pro whiteboard is great in this aspect. The surface is super smooth, making it easy for markers to move smoothly and create clear, colorful lines. You won’t hear any scratchy sounds, and there won’t be any leftover marks from previous use – it’s just really satisfying to write on.

VIZ Pro large dry erase whiteboards are unique and popular due to their oversized writing area of 72 x 48 inches, magnetic smooth writing surface , ease of folding, and silver aluminum frame. Suitable for classroom activities like assessment, drawing, daily quizzes, and new idea demonstrations.

Who would find the Viz Pro whiteboard useful?

Useful for home activities like solving large mathematical equations, making a calendar, making a list of daily routine activities, and using sticky notes. For offices, it is useful for presentations, planning, new idea demonstrations, notice boards for workers, price lists, timetable boards, and the best for projector display areas.

But there are some drawbacks, like the fact that it is oversized and takes up a lot of space to adjust or mount on the wall. But due to its foldability feature, it can be adjusted according to the available space in the classroom, bedroom, or any office.

Key Features Uncovered During Our Review:

  • Its impressive large size of 72 inches by 48 inches make it perfect for big presentations, team brainstorming.
  • Its surface is smooth which makes the markers to move forward easily without any scratchy sound and zero ghosting.
  • Included eraser is amazing which wipes marks from the surface with a single swipe.
  • Its sleek silver aluminum frame is very strong and make the board last long.
  • Easily foldable which makes the board more suitable to adjust according to the available space.
  • Mount the board in the ideal place, either a hall room, bedroom, classroom, small office, or table.
  • A handy board marker tray keeps marks of all colors organized in one place.
  • Magnetic surface makes it easy to attach sticky notes, calendars, and reminders. So the board is top listed in the best large dry erase boards in 2024.


  1. Large space for writing about 72″ x 48″ inches
  2. Smooth and clean writing surface for effortless writing
  3. Easy to erase with no ghosting or staining
  4. Sleek aluminum frame give a modern look
  5. Multiple mounting options for wall or desk use
  6. Includes marker tray and magnetic surface
  7. Set of white board markers included in the packing


  1. Large size is not be suitable for small spaces
  2. Price is higher than smaller whiteboards
  3. Not include detailed installation instructions
  4. Limited frame colors
viz pro whiteboard

VIZ-Pro Whiteboard Installation Process:

Installing a Viz-Pro whiteboard is a very simple process, but the steps may vary depending on the size and type of whiteboard you have. In this guide we will explain the the installation process of large sized boards. Here’s a general guide using the following tools:

  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Screws (size will vary depending on whiteboard weight)
  • Mounting hardware (usually included with the whiteboard)


  1. Choose the location of your white board which has a plenty of space for a large sized board
  2. Measure the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the board and spots on the wall with a pencil.
  3. Locate the studs in the wall and mark them with a pencil.
  4. Drill holes at the marked spots using a drill.
  5. Insert the mounting hardware into the drilled holes and then hang the whiteboard onto the wall.

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