How to Clean a Whiteboard? A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning a whiteboard is a simple process. There are many methods to clean a whiteboard pick that are suitable for you. Use a whiteboard eraser, soft and dry cloth or paper towel and dry erase whiteboard cleaning spray to clean the white board like a Crystal Clear.

If Dry Erase Whiteboard Cleaning Spray is not available create it by mixing rubber alcohol and water. You can also clean a board by applying few drops of petrol on a dry cloth and apply on the surface of a whiteboard gently. This method is effective for removing stubborn stains or ghosting. Here are some common methods list to use for cleaning any type of whiteboard:

  • Using Dry Erase Markers with Erasers (useful for light cleaning)
  • Use of Microfiber Cloths (useful to remove dust and light marks)
  • Using Whiteboard Cleaner spray (best option to remove ghosting)
  • Using Isopropyl Alcohol (alternative of cleaner solution)
  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Use of Warm Soapy Water
  • Using Window Cleaner
  • Melamine Erasers

Step By Step Guide for Cleaning a Whiteboard:

  1. Erase the content or drawing from the board using a white board eraser.
  2. Wipe the white board with dry cloth or using a paper towel
  3. If there are still some stubborn and stains on some areas of the whiteboard apply a small amount of cleaning spray onto the board.
  4. Now spread the cleaning spray using soft cloth or paper towel across the board surface.
  5. Move your hand in a circular way. By doing this, all the old marker writing dots or marks will be cleaned.
  6. Wipe the entire surface of a board focusing on the small marks or steaks.
  7. Wait for few minutes to dry the board surface or use a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the board surface.
  8. Apply the Isopropyl Alcohol (rubber alcohol) or cleaning spray gently from left to right direction.

Pro Tips*

We notice that most of the teachers, students, and office owners forget to wipe the whiteboard after completing the tasks. This habit causes ghosting. Clean the whiteboard regularly after everyday use to prevent ghosting and stubborn stains. After finishing your tasks, wipe all content from the surface of a white board. Place or mount a whiteboard on the dry surface to make it long-lasting. Avoid placing a board on the moisture.

Always write gently with less pressure on the whiteboard marker; this action will always keep the surface neat and clean. Don’t use permanent markers, and never place a permanent marker on the marker tray. If you wrote on the whiteboard with permanent marker by mistake, then you can remove the content by again rolling the permanent marker on that content.

Always buy a best dry magnetic whiteboards to avoid issues like ghosting. By following the above methods, hopefully your problem will be solved.

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