RBT Competency Assessment: Guide to Certification Success

RBT Competency Assessment is important for job opportunities, higher earning potential, and greater professional satisfaction. This assessment is measured in two parts. The first part is a knowledge assessment containing 40 MCQs to assess the competency of an applicant. Knowledge-based assessments contain the following topics:

  • Foundational principles of behavior analysis
  • Ethical and professional standards for RBTs
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Behavior intervention principles and procedures

The second part of the RBT competency assessment is about skills assessment, in which the applicant’s proficiency is measured in the following areas:

  • Direct observation and recording of behavior
  • Implementation of behavior intervention plans
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Professional communication and documentation

Passing Criteria For the RBT Competency Assessment:

Knowledge Assessment80%
Skills Assessment80%
RBT Assessment Passing Criteria

How to Prepare for the RBT Competency Assessment:

If you are planning to appear in the RBT assessment and want to achieve this certificate try to use the following resources:

  1. The RBT Task List
  2. The RBT Competency Assessment Packet
  3. RBT training courses
  4. The RBT Handbook
  5. The RBT Ethics Code
  6. The BACB website


RBT Competency assessment is only conducted on the registered examination centers all around the world. So you can register yourself for this assessment by creating an account on the BACB website.

Renewal of RBT Certification:

To maintain the RBT Certification you will need to reappear in the assessment after every 2 years. But don’t worry this time the test will be much easier than initial assessment.

BRT Initial Competency Assessment Requirements:

The RBT Initial Competency Assessment is compulsory for all RBT applicants. The assessment is conducted by a BACB certificant and is conducted in person, live via the internet, or through observations of recorded videos. The assessment is conducted over one or two sessions and the applicant must show competence in each task in order to pass the assessment.

If the applicant fails to demonstrate competence in a task, the assessor may provide corrective feedback and reassess the task on another day. After the assessor has observed a task being performed competently, the assessor will initial the box next to the task and, if applicable, mark the assessment type used.

After all of the tasks have been competently performed, the responsible assessor will sign and date the final attestation. Applicants will be required to submit a completed Initial Competency Assessment with their certification application. Non-BACB forms will not be accepted.

What is the RBT Competency Assessment?

The RBT Competency Assessment, consisting of two parts, evaluates an individual’s proficiency and expertise in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). This examination is mandatory for anyone aspiring to work as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), ensuring their knowledge and skills are up to par.

Is the RBT Competency Assessment Hard?

The RBT Competency Assessment (RBT CA) may present challenges, but it is certainly achievable to pass. By dedicating ample time for preparation and engaging in regular practice, you can greatly enhance your likelihood of achieving success.

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