QAT Test Results 2023 Punjab Education Foundation

QAT Test Results 2023 of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) have been announced. After the competent authority checks and approves the results, they are posted on PEF’s official website and sent to partner schools through their own programs.

ADU displays QAT results by subject and class so that schools can analyze their weak areas and focus on improving them in future QATs. Find the way to check the results of FAS partner schools, EVS partner schools, and NSP partner schools.

All the results are issued on the PEF’s official website. You can download the results of all programs from the PEF’s official website. We are only providing links to the result page. According to the new policy of Punjab Education Foundation rechecking results are uploaded on the SIS of the each school.

QAT Examination Schedule:

The Quality Assurance Test (QAT) is conducted each year in the month of October. The test is conducted class-wise in three phases.

Primary LevelTwo Classes
Middle LevelThree Classes
Secondary LevelThree Classes
PEF QAT Classes

Results of the following subjects are officially released for Regular QAT.

Primary & MiddleEnglish, Urdu, Science & Mathematics
Secondary ClassesEnglish, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Sciences, General Science.
QAT Subject Results

FAS Regular QAT Test Results For Partner Schools:

You can easily find and download the results of FAS partner schools from the below table. These results include special exam rechecking, HSS schools, FAS PEC results, secondary schools, and all phases’ results in pdf.

Special Rechecking 02 SchoolsView
HSS Schools BISE FAS BaseView
FAS Schools PEC ResultsView
FAS Secondary SchoolsView
QAT Rechecking FAS 18thView
18th FAS-28RLView
18th FAS-QATView
17th FAS-QATView
FAS 17th-RL CasesView
FAS Regular QAT

EVS Regular QAT Partner Schools Result:

Find/download the result of the following categories in pdf file. You can find all ADU QAT results from this page of PEF website.

  • Rechecking of 16th ESV-QAT
  • 16th EVS QAT
  • 1QAT Result 35 RL1 Cases
  • 34 RL1 Schools
  • 28 RL Schools
  • 36 Rechecking Schools
  • RL School of 3rd EVS Evening QAT
  • EVS Evening QAT
  • 3rd EVS Evening QAT
  • Evening Classes QAT Written
  • EVS Preliminary QAT

NSP Regular QAT Examination Results for Partner Schools:

You can easily download/view the results of

13th NSP‐QAT (01 Schools), Phase 7 Oral QAT Result, 27 RL schools NSP, 13th NSP 12 RL QAT
13th NSP QAT, PEC Incorporated Result, and 13th NSP QAT 04 Schools from this web page of PEF official website.

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