Marks Improvement Policy 2024 Matric & Intermediate PBCC

The Punjab Board of Curriculum and Examinations (PBCC) has recently announced a new marks improvement policy for matriculation and intermediate examinations. Under the new policy, candidates of Matric & FA/F.SC will be able to apply for improvement exams up to 4 times within 2 years of passing their exams.

Key Points of the New Policy:

  • Candidates can improve marks in any subject of their choice, from both parts 1 and 2.
  • It is not mandatory to give both parts of a subject in the improvement exam. For example, if a candidate wants to improve their marks in Chemistry Part 1, they only need to give the Chemistry Part 1 exam.
  • Candidates will not be eligible for admission to higher degrees during the improvement tenure.

There are four option to apply for marks improvement

  1. Part 1 complete
  2. Part 2 complete
  3. Both Paer 1 & 2 complete
  4. Subject wise

In subject wise student can improve subjects of his choice from both parts 1 & 2. Student can also choose subjects from a single part. In simple words if a candidate want to improve the marks of Chemistry from part 1 then He/She will attempt the only part 1 chemistry not for part 2.

Now the candidates can improve any subject of any part  wants, i.e. if he/she wants to improve only the paper of Chemistry part 1, but it will not be mandatory to give the paper of Chemistry part 2 as in the first subject wise examination of both parts of a subject. Also, read Lahore Board unbundling study scheme 2024.

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